Mobile Boost Scheme

Are you a business or household struggling with poor indoor mobile coverage? Connecting Devon and Somerset may be able to help. The Mobile Boost Scheme offers vouchers towards technology to upgrade indoor 4G coverage in “not-spot” areas.  

Businesses and households can apply for a voucher of up to £1200 towards the cost of one of a number of mobile signal booster options from a registered supplier. The value of the voucher will be dependent on the type of technology most suitable for the premises. Suppliers will be able to advise on the most appropriate option. Businesses and residents will be required to make a contribution to cover the cost of installation.  

For more information and to apply visit Connecting Devon and Somerset – Mobile Boost Scheme 

Footpaths and Countryside Safety

Our surroundings have acres and acres of lush green fields, pastureland and hills and we are lucky to have so many Public Rights of Way from which to enjoy it. The words “public footpath” means exactly that – public, however, if you do find yourself wandering off the designated footpath you could find yourself in trouble or more to the point in danger. The “Right to Roam” or more properly designated “Open Access Land” does not give automatic access to all land and especially not to private land. There is no designated open access land with in Nether Stowey Parish. The bottom line is that all of the above, including miles and miles of tracks, pathways and bridleways usually cross land that is owned by someone or more to the point farmed by someone and you are trespassing if you are anywhere other than a public footpath.

A map of the local Public Footpaths is here. Somerset County Council is primarily responsible for matters relating to public footpaths. There is more information on the Explore Somerset map and you can report an issue with a path either here: Report now link or by clicking the + button at the bottom left). Alternatively you can contact the the Parish’s Paths Liaison Officer via the Parish Office to report an issue. Please be precise with the location of the problem so that he can investigate it. 

Farms are someone’s place of work and, often, someone’s home. Agricultural vehicles have accounted for 13 of the 39 farm fatalities over the past year so it is vital to remember that farms are busy working areas with tractors, telehandlers and agricultural machinery moving about 24/7. We are all aware of the size of modern farm machinery but we may not be aware of the fact that when the driver is in the cab he is effectively insulated from the sound, vibration and noise around him. He may not know you are there.

This has recently been brought to light by an incident on a local farm where the farmer was cutting grass with a large mower and a tractor. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something move and immediately stopped. On investigation he found two children playing in the tall grass who were – when he stopped – less than a metre from the cutting equipment.

The tractor driver’s diligence and quick thinking prevented what could have been a very tragic accident. Please remember that this happened on a farm in Nether Stowey involving local children.

Farm buildings are also not for public access and certainly not for playing in. We have recently received reports of children playing from the rafters of the big barn near the Millennium Wood. Again, the risk of a tragic accident is enormous.

We all have a responsibility for our own safety and in the case above the safety and education of our children, please Walk Safely, Walk Responsibly and Obey the Country Code. Please make sure you know where your children are playing. And if you’re out with dogs please think – is it under tight control, is it damaging crops or is it chasing stock? And please pick up after your dog. Dog faeces causes illness and death in farm animals.

Royal Stowey Bear Hunt

Join Stowey Bears Preschool on a Royal Bear Hunt. Bears will be hidden around Nether Stowey until 9 June. Identify each bear and location for the chance to enter a prize draw and win an amazing prize. Entry forms from Stowey Bears, the Thomas Poole Library or the Post office. £1 entry donation.


On 4 May John Roberts, Chairman of the Parish Council, wrote to Somerset Waste (SWP) to complain about the abysmal level of service Nether Stowey has endured in recent weeks. We received a letter in reply yesterday which I am attaching – link below.

We hope by now SWP has finally got the situation back under control, but the Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation. If your collection is missed, please report it to SWP in the normal way, and if there is not a satisfactory response, please let us know at the Parish Office or by e-mail to with your address and details of your report and what action was/was not taken.

SWP’s reply is attached here.


The meeting will be held at the Church Centre and will start at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

The agenda is available here

Draft minutes: Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting on 11 April are here.
You can find earlier minutes at Previous minutes

Planning applications:
Links to planning applications on the agenda are below (opens the  application in the Sedgemoor Planning website):

Parish Council documents

Parish Council meetings are open for the public to attend but are not public meetings. In order to facilitate contributions by members of the public there is a public session at the beginning of the formal meeting. 
During the public session, members of the public are welcome to address the Council on any matter relating to the agenda or on any other matter that they would like the Parish Council to consider at a future date. It is helpful if you inform the Chairman or the Clerk beforehand of any matter you wish to raise. This is so that the Clerk can have to hand any necessary information. Further details are available on page 2 of the agenda.
The Council is not required to give a response to a matter raised during the public session but may do so. Alternatively, the Chairman may direct the Clerk to follow the matter up or give a written response at a later date.
Please note that no decisions can be made and no expenditure approved on any item raised during the public session unless the matter has been legally notified on the agenda in advance.
At the end of the public participation session, the Chairman will resume the formal meeting under standing orders.

Members of the public are asked to respect the fact that this is a meeting of the Council to conduct Council business. They are not permitted to enter into the debate of agenda items unless invited by the Chairman. In this case, he will temporarily adjourn the meeting to allow that person (only) to speak.

The conduct of Parish Council meetings are governed by the Parish Council’s Standing Orders (amended and re-adopted on 11 October 2021). These are available from the Clerk (by e-mail on request) or on the Council’s website by clicking the document name above.

Election Results – Nether Stowey

News Release

Parish CouncilNo of seatsCandidatesResults
Nether Stowey
Parish Council
9BURDGE, Janet Catherine
EVERETT, Penelope Constance B
FALLA, Colin
FERRIDAY, William Kevin
HOGG, Margaret
JEANES, Andrew David
RICH, Barbara Marie
ROBERTS, William John

1 vacancy

Somerset County Council Cannington Division

BOLT, Brian JamesConservative Party Candidate1234 elected
CASWELL, MikeConservative Party Candidate1271 elected
CRITCHLEY, Malcolm JohnGreen Party314
DARCH, Stephen JamesLiberal Democrats1000
KING, Philip St LawrenceLabour Party336
SUTTON, Jane VictoriaLiberal Democrats967
WILSON, SiobhanLabour Party390

ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH Monday 23 May – All invited!


will be held at
St Mary’s Church Centre
on Monday 23 May 2022 at 7pm





The Parish Meeting may, by law, discuss all Parish affairs and pass resolutions about them. The following matters have so far been placed on the agenda:

  1. Chairman’s Welcome
  2. Affordable Housing in Nether Stowey (Mr Harvey, followed by Q&As)
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Other Items for discussion if any
  5. Reports from Local Organisations

The draft minutes and reports from the last meeting (2021) are now available here:
Draft minutes – 24 May 2021Reports from Organisations 2021

If you would like to add a matter to the agenda, please contact Caro at

Each year an Annual Parish Meeting is held at which residents can air issues and ask the Parish Council to investigate certain matters which are of concern. The meeting is NOT a formal Parish Council meeting but it is facilitated and funded by the Parish Council for the benefit of the community: the Parish Council Chairman calls and chairs the meeting. 
The meeting is an opportunity to discuss ‘parish affairs’. Separate minutes must be kept which are then approved at the next Annual Parish Meeting, next year. The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting are not approved by the Parish Council.
There is no prescribed format for this meeting and its recommendations are not binding on the Parish Council. Any matters raised requiring a Council decision will need to be considered at a Parish Council meeting at a later date.