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The Parish Council

This part of the website is dedicated to the business Parish Council. Find out who your councillors are and how to contact them, what the council does and how you can join in.

The main roles of the Parish Council are:

  • To represent the local community’s interests, for example, by commenting on consultations, planning applications (but please note that the final decision rests with Sedgemoor District Council) and at meetings at various outside bodies (eg Hinkley Point, Quantock Hills AONB).
  • To support local organisations and activities;
  • To help provide care for amenities and village assets such as the Cemetery, Clock Tower, public seating, Castle Street public toilets and car park, and;
  • To help look after green spaces and footpaths.

For details of meetings for the Council Year to May 2021 please
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Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors give their time unpaid to work for the benefit of the community as a whole. They are volunteers and are not paid. Nether Stowey Parish Council normally has nine Parish Councillors. You can find more information about them below. John Roberts was re-elected Chairman at the Annual Parish Council meeting (APCM) on 13 May 2019 and will remain so until the next APCM in May 2021.

There is one vacant seat at present.

Register of Interests: The Members’ Register of Interests forms are published by the Monitoring Officer (Sedgemoor District Council). Click this link to see the published list on their website.

Parish Council Meetings

Please note, during the Coronavirus pandemic, meetings are held virtually until further notice – on the same day and at the same time as below. Meeting details are available from the Clerk.

Parish Council meetings are held at the Village Hall on the second Monday of the month (except in August). Members of the Parish are always welcome to attend and there is an opportunity for residents to raise matters of concern. Guidance for speaking at meetings is available here.

You can also request a specific matter to be included on an agenda by contacting the Parish Clerk before the agenda is confirmed and no later than the Monday preceding a meeting. Agendas are posted on the Parish notice boards on the Wednesday before a Monday meeting and available by clicking the calendar item for the meeting on the home page. Click here for the minutes of previous meetings or click on the links left. Committee meetings are held as needed: agendas are posted in the same way as for Parish Council meetings.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the work of the Parish Council, if you have any concerns you think the Council should be aware of or where it can help or support you.

Nether Stowey Parish Council Office

The Office is open from 10am-12 noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Clerk can be contacted by e-mail (as below) or via the office telephone number when the office is closed until 2pm only.
Councillors can also be contacted by e-mail/phone as below.

2A Castle Street, Nether Stowey, Somerset TA5 1LN
Tel: (01278) 733779.

The Parish Council is supported by part-time Parish Office staff. The Clerk is Caro Slaymaker. The Clerk is the Officer of the Council, responsible for implementation of the Council’s decisions, administration of the finances and advising Council on its policy and procedures. Caro is assisted by Mel Catchpole.

You can also contact any Parish Councillor directly, at their addresses below. A full list is available to download here.

Members of the Council and contact details

John Roberts (Chairman)
52 Mount Road, Nether Stowey, TA5 1LX
Tel: 732484
Committees: All committees except Personnel 

Kevin Ferriday (Vice-Chairman)
1 Audley Close, Nether Stowey, TA5 1LD
Tel: 733155
Committees: All committees except Personnel (Appeals) (ex officio member); Chairman of Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

Colin Falla
4 Meadow Close, Nether Stowey, TA5 1LY
Tel: 734685
Committees: Planning; Personnel, Library
Representative to: Stowey Walking; Footpath Liaison Officer, Quantock Hills AONB

Margaret Hogg
4 Audley Close, Nether Stowey, TA5 1LD
Tel: 733505
Committees: Planning; Finance & Audit; Cemetery; Personnel
Representative to: Active Living

Andrew Jeanes
Inwood Farm, Nether Stowey, TA5 1HY
Tel: 734955
Committees: Planning; Personnel (Appeals), 
Nominated Trustee, NS Village Hall + Recreation Ground CIO

Pat Pardoe
Medway, 19 Castle Street, Nether Stowey, TA5 1LN
Tel: 733151
Committees: Planning; Cemetery; Personnel (Appeals)

Malcolm Reid
Quantock Close, Jacksons Lane, Nether Stowey, TA5 1LB
Tel: 732785
Committees: Planning; Personnel (Appeals)
Representative to: Quantock Parishes Cluster Group, Hinkley Point SSG, Transport and Community Forums

Barbara Rich
56 Banneson Road, Nether Stowey, TA5 1NS
Tel: 734825
Committees: Planning; Finance & Audit; Personnel
Representative to: NS Village Hall + Recreation Ground CIO


There is one vacant seat at present

County and District Councillors

County Councillor Michael Caswell

Grasmere, Stockland Bristol, Somerset, TA5 2PZ
Tel: 652043

District Councillor Michael Caswell

Address and phone number as above

District Councillor Julie Pay

Chapel House, Whitnell, Nether Stowey, Somerset, TA5 1JE
Tel: 732956

Member of Parliament
Ian Liddell-Grainger

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Tel: 020 7219 8149
Constituency office: 16 Northgate, Bridgwater TA6 3EU
Tel: 01278 458383