How to Report Problems



During Parish Office hours please contact the Clerk at 01278 733779. At other time please contact any Parish Councillor: click here for telephone numbers.

Residents requiring flood-related support should contact Sedgemoor District Council on 0845 408 2546, local rate 01278 435435 or email:
The Sedgemoor Direct contact centre operates Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and is closed on bank holidays.

An out of hours emergency telephone line is available for Sedgemoor residents on 0800 917 6520. Where there is an emergency or 'threat to life' please call 999. For general advice from Avon and Somerset Police call 101.

Potholes and other road defects

Potholes and other defects on roads, cycle paths and pavements. can be reported to Somerset County Council Highways through their website here, or:
by telephone: 0300 123 2224 or 01823 273593
by e-mail to
by letter to Dunball Industrial Estate, Bridgwater, TA6 4TP
You can also use contact them about flooded roads, gullies, blocked drains, problems with drain and manhole covers or to report mud on the road etc. Where there is an immediate risk of an accident please also contact the police.

Street Lights

Please report faults the Parish Office during opening hours or contact the Fault Line (SSE Contracting Ltd) on telephone number: 0845 601 0939 – they are available from Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm. You will need

  • the number on the street light column (usually a black number n a white square)
  • The location of the street light including the road name and area

You can also report it direct - click here and click on "Report Now"

For out of hours emergency issues relating to street lights, telephone 0845 795 9639 where there is possible danger such as:

  • damaged/vandalised equipment
  • exposed wires
  • loose columns in the ground
  • failures of large areas of lighting (such as all lights on a major road/roundabout)


To report fly-tipping please contact the Parish Office and/or Clean Surroundings at Sedgemoor District Council on 0845 408 2543 or 01278 435435 or e-mail to
If you discover fly tipped waste, please follow these simple steps:

  • * Do not touch: fly tipped waste may be dangerous, as it can contain syringes, broken glass, asbestos, toxic chemicals or other hazardous substances.
  • * Visually inspect it: try to determine what it is and how much there is.
  • * Note its exact location and whether it is in or near water.
  • * Do not disturb the site: there may be evidence that could identify and convict the culprits.
  • * While staying safe, note how many people were involved; the day, date and time it occurred; and the make, colour and registration of any vehicles involved.


Sedgemoor District Council is responsible for collecting stray dogs. You can report lost and found dogs to the Dog Warden on 01278 435210 during office hours. At other times please call 0800 917 6520.
The Dog Warden is also responsible for incidents of dog fouling. To make a complaint about dog fouling please contact the Dog Warden as above or by e-mail to Please also contact the Parish Office for assistance and advice.