Important Message from Quantock Medical Centre

Message from Helen Stacey, Quantock Medical Centre

It has been a very difficult day today at the Medical Centre and I feel I need to put this message out there .

Please feel free to share this with neighbours and friends and really think twice before you phone the medical centre for an appointment. Seriously Think about why you need it, is it really urgent or is it something that’s been niggling you for a while. We cannot go on the way we are.

We had 4 times the amount of patient contacts than we would usually have today, and after reviewing the workload very little was actually really urgent.

From Monday we will only be able to deal with on the day urgent medical calls. We need to ask you why you are calling so that we can prioritise. We will NOT be calling ALL patients to tell them they should self isolate. You know if you have a health condition or not, so please be sensible. We are being overwhelmed by patients with ongoing medical problems which we are not able to resolve during the current health crisis. We can’t refer you to secondary care unless it is really life threatening ( they have ceased seeing general referrals). People need to realise everyday problems are not a priority during this health crisis . People need to seriously think about what they are asking from the medical centre as you are taking care away from those who really need it . Sorry if this is hard to hear but it’s the truth.

Please don’t ask for 3 months’ worth of medication, as you are taking it away from others who need it. Stop asking for solicitors letters, travel cancellation letters, these are not a priority. There are forms online if you need to declare you are off work for health reasons: please look at the government online information, keep yourself and your family up to date and educated. You are going to break those healthcare professionals who are trying their best to help you and this is not a short fix, this is the reality for the next 3 months at least.

And of course it goes without saying Thank you to those patients who have been kind and considerate we do appreciate your kind words . War and peace over for today, thank you for reading.

Helen Stacey Practice Manager