Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Plan Update – March 2021

The referendum on Nether Stowey's Neighbourhood Plan will take place on Thursday 6 May.

Read the final version of the
Neighbourhood Plan here

The Neighbourhood Plan has been written by a group of local residents, overseen by the Parish Council with the help of a professional consultant. the referendum is organised by Sedgemoor District Council and a Notice of Referendum and further details will be published on Monday 22 March.

The referendum asks you to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a single question: ‘Do you want Sedgemoor District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Nether Stowey to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area?’

You must be registered to be able to vote in this referendum. It is not too late to register if you have not previously done so. Further information about registering, and how to apply for a postal or proxy vote is available here.

Read the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan here. This version incorporates the Independent Examiner's modifications. Her report and other documents are available here (new tab).

Neighbourhood Plan Update – March 2021

Following examination of the Nether Stowey Neighbourhood Plan Sedgemoor District Council have published the Examiner's report and decision statement. It is expected that the Referendum will be held in May.

The examiner has concluded that, subject to modification, the plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.

Following receipt of the examiners report Sedgemoor District Council has also published its regulation 18 decision statement, which sets out what action to take in response to the the recommendations of the Examiner. The decision statement confirms the decision of the Council is that the Nether Stowey Neighbourhood Plan should now proceed to referendum. Copies of both the examiners report and decision statement are available to view  and download from Sedgemoor’s website link - click here.



Neighbourhood Plan Update – July 2020

Janet Cheesley has been appointed Independent Examiner to undertake the examination of the Nether Stowey Neighbourhood Plan. Her role is to determine whether the Plan meets the Basic Conditions and other legal requirements.

Following formal submission and publication of the Nether Stowey Neighbourhood Plan independent examination of the plan has now commenced. Janet Cheesley has been appointed Independent Examiner to undertake the examination. Her role is to determine whether the Plan meets the Basic Conditions and other legal requirements.

The submitted Nether Stowey Neighbourhood Plan contains proposed planning policies relevant to the designated neighbourhood area. The Neighbourhood Plan, if made, will form part of the Development Plan for the area, and will guide future development within the Neighbourhood Plan area.

The submitted plan and associated documents are available to view and download from Sedgemoor’s website link - click here

Link to Sedgemoor page

Neighbourhood Plan Update – April 2020

A new milestone has been reached. The documents are available to download below.

Link to Sedgemoor page

Neighbourhood Plan Update – Jan 2020

Following the consultation which took place last year, our Neighbourhood Plan was updated to address and reflect the responses we received from both residents and businesses with connections to the village.

At their meeting on 13 January 2020, Nether Stowey Parish Council approved the Plan which will now be formally submitted to Sedgemoor District Council.

Sedgemoor DC will contact all organisations with a connection to the village to seek any further comments after which the Plan will be passed to an independent planning inspector to ensure our Plan meets all applicable regulations and statutes. After this it will be put to a village referendum for final adoption and approval by residents. This entire process will take about 3 or 4 months.

The latest ("Submission Version") of the draft Neighbourhood Plan is now available below.

Please keep reading these pages for updates

Neighbourhood Planning documents

Neighbourhood Plan update

Nether Stowey’s future
The Nether Stowey Neighbourhood Plan is now nearing completion.

A consultation was held in April 2018 at the Thomas Poole Library and the input and comments you gave us have been collated into the Neighbourhood Plan and this is now ready for your final review before being submitted for independent examination and formal adoption. This will mean that the Plan has to be taken into consideration by any development in the Parish and that we will receive 25% (instead of 15%) of any applicable Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

During the consultation period we are asking for your feedback on the draft Plan so please take this opportunity to comment, either to say what you like about the Plan or what you think needs changing on the comment sheet which is also available. Your feedback will be taken on board before finalising the Plan for examination by an independent examiner.

The Plan is now available and you can get a copy by:

    • The comment sheet is available by the same methods listed above

      We are keen to get your remarks and views and the comment sheet can be returned to us by e-mail to or by handing it in at the Parish Office by 31 October.

      Consultation Events
      In addition, there will be a display of the Plan in the Parish Office from Tuesday 17th to Friday 27th September between 10am and 1pm.
      During the consultation period, we are also holding some ‘meet the team’ events to give you the opportunity to chat with members of the Neighbourhood Plan team. These events will be on:

          • Friday 20th September 10.15am – 12.30pm
          • Friday 20th September 3pm - 6.30pm
          • Saturday 21st September 10am - 12.00pm

Join in! Sign Up!

If you are interested in joining the Working Group or in helping out from time to time please let us know. You can send an e-mail to Kevin Ferriday or please contact the Parish Office on 733779.

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Event - Updated documents are now available here




Update from Cllr Malcolm Hogg, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Working Group

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See the rest of the leaflet here

If you would like to know more about Neighbourhood Planning generally from DCLG click here and from CPRE click here

This is the first step and we will be adding more as time goes on. Details about a meeting to get the steering group up and running will follow soon.