Parish Council meeting Monday 11 January

The meeting will be held virtually using the Zoom platform and will start at 7pm. All are welcome. Link to meeting:
Meeting ID: 684 067 5217
Passcode: 3nSbgu

The agenda is available here: January agenda

Draft minutes:
previous Parish Council meeting are here: PC meeting 14 December 2020

There are no new Planning applications.

The Rural Transport Strategy consultation is open to the public and details can be found at

Parish Council meetings are open for the public to attend but are not public meetings. In order to facilitate contributions by members of the public there is a public session prior to the main part of the formal meeting. 
During the public session, members of the public are welcome to address the Council on any matter relating to the agenda or on any other matter that they would like the Parish Council to consider at a future date. It is helpful if you inform the Chairman or the Clerk beforehand of any matter you wish to raise, so that the Clerk can have to hand any necessary information.
At the end of the public participation session, the Chairman will resume the formal meeting under standing orders. Members of the public are asked to respect the fact that this is a meeting of the Council to conduct Council business. They are not permitted to enter into the debate of agenda items unless invited by the Chairman. In this case, he will temporarily adjourn the meeting to allow that person (only) to speak.
The conduct of Parish Council meetings are governed by the Parish Council’s Standing Orders (adopted 14 October 2019) as updated by the Virtual Meetings Protocol (adopted 11 May 2020). These are available from the Clerk (by e-mail on request) or on the Council’s website by clicking the document name above.