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The formal application for the Cricketer Farm site has now been submitted and is open for consultation until 7 August. Details of proposals are available on the Cricketer Farm Development page

If you are thinking of submitting a planning application please visit the Government’s Planning Portal. This interactive guide gives information and advice on planning and building regulations and you can find links to application forms etc. You can also find information from Sedgemoor here.

Please note that if you live in a Listed Building or in the Conservation area you will almost always need planning permission and should contact Sedgemoor District Council. Their guide is available: "Living in a Conservation Area".
You are advised to speak to your neighbours at an early stage, to let them know what you intend to do – it is easier to iron out problems before you make your application than to have it refused because of objections later on.

The Parish Council is notified of all planning applications (other than those which are covered by permitted development) and is normally given 21 days to comment on applications. The District Council must take the Parish Council’s comments into account when determining an application, but please note that the final decision rests with Sedgemoor District Council and they are not bound to accept the Parish Council’s recommendations.

Applications are usually considered at the regular Parish Council meeting but on some occasions a separate Planning Committee meeting may be held.
All members of the Parish Council sit on the Planning Committee. This is to ensure that there are sufficient members available who have no personal or financial interests in an application. All such meetings are open to the public. Details of meetings are posted on the village notice boards and this website in the usual way.

A few minor applications are considered by e-mail consultation among Councillors – this is usually for maintenance work to trees in the Conservation Area.

A Parish Councillor will usually make a site visit (with at least one other Councillor where possible) before the meeting and, (if he feels it is necessary), will try to contact neighbouring residents.

The Parish Council will take into account the report from the Councillor who made the site visit and will note any comments or objections from residents. The Parish Council will then consider its formal response to Sedgemoor.

In commenting on planning applications the Parish Council can only consider relevant planning issues. Valid planning grounds include:

  • Traffic Generation and Road Safety;
  • The impact of the building on its neighbours, for example through overshadowing, overlooking, loss of privacy;
  • The scale of development;
  • Effect on Landscape;
  • Compliance with national, regional and local planning policy and guidance;
  • The impact upon the character and appearance of the area or street including the appropriateness of design, materials, landscaping, etc;
  • Other environmental issues, such as noise.

The following are not valid grounds on which the Parish Council may object to an application:

  • Impact of development on property values and other personal interests;
  • The potential for disruption during construction;
  • Maintenance of a view from a private property;
  • Civil matters such as ownership;
  • Private rights of way and restrictive covenants;
  • Private property rights such as boundary or access disputes;
  • The fact that the development may have already begun;
  • Possible future development not included in the application;
  • The morals or motives of the developer;

If the Parish Council recommends an application is granted consent, they may also suggest limitations or conditions that should be imposed, though again, Sedgemoor are not bound to accept them.

The Parish Council is not consulted on road works or road closures.

You can send your comments on an application direct to Sedgemoor District Council through the Sedgemoor Planning Online site. A helpful guide produced by Sedgemoor District Council is available here.

It is helpful if you copy your comments to the Clerk (at who will ensure that Councillors are aware of your views before they decide on the Parish Council’s formal response. Comments must be received by the noon on the day before the meeting to be certain Councillors have time to see them. Comments received after this will be too late to be considered. You can, of course, make your comments in person at the meeting at which the application is considered.


Below are details of the latest few planning applications received at Sedgemoor District Council which have been notified to the Parish Council for comment. Applications are not always received in reference number order. Some applications are not pursued and some do not require consultation. The Parish Council may choose not to comment on an application.

Future applications will be considered at the meeting on the date shown – where the meeting has been held, the Parish Council’s recommendation is shown – this is changed to Sedgemoor’s final decision when it is known. A full list of applications is available for the years from 2015:

The full application documentation can be viewed online at Sedgemoor District Council’s planning site at Sedgemoor Planning Online and entering the application reference number (eg 36/20/00099) and you can make any comments directly from there. Alternatively you can send a letter to Sedgemoor at Bridgwater House, Bridgwater, TA6 3AR. You can also view the applications at the Parish Office by appointment – copies can be printed (a charge is payable).

Ref noDateAddressDescriptionDecision/ meeting
/0001308-Jul30/32 Castle StreetWorks to Treespending
/0001229-Jul23 Oak RoadErection of a single storey extensionpending
/0001115-MayInwood FarmRetention of existing P+R car park t for a further 48 months.pending
/0001022-Jul5 Clock House, St Mary StreetListed Building consent, external and internal workspending
/0000811-JunInwood FarmErection of 4 No. accommodation buildingspending
/0000715-May29 Lime StWorks to TreesGranted