Quantock Futures Project

What future do we want for the Quantocks? We can be sure that change will continue whether we like it or not. This project brings a wide range of people together to chart a course that embraces the future but preserves the best of our inheritance. Climate change, a changing agricultural economy, different environmental and recreational expectations – if we want to influence the forces driving these changes and make informed decisions for the future this is the time to do so. Through a series of workshops and a wider public consultation we aim to agree what sort of future we all, collectively, want for the Quantocks. 

The first workshop was held in December 2021, with a follow up workshop happening in October 2022 and the web-based wider public consultation now open until 31st July. It is important that we bring people together even if they may start with very different views, so we have commissioned an internationally award winning team of specialist environmental facilitators, Dialogue Matters, to help us reach a common view and chart a route map to the future.

The survey is now live and there is more information and access to the survey here (at the bottom of the page). You’ll find some supporting documents there as well if you want to do some further research.

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