Response to anonymous letter

The above anonymous letter was delivered to the Parish Office and under normal circumstances, the Parish Council would not react to such letters but in this instance, it is felt a response is due.

If the Parish Council were to erect, as desired in the letter, poster, banners, etc at the entrance(s) to the village, this would incur costs, (production, etc) which would have to be taken from the very limited precept.  As the Parish Council have to manage and account for public funds, it is very likely that as many villagers would object to such expenditure as support it. We feel that the funds can be better used to directly support residents and services.”

In addition, there is and has been nothing stopping villagers erecting posters, banners, etc of their own volition to express their personal views.

If the author wishes to make themselves known, the Chair and/or Vice-chair of the Parish Council would be happy to discuss this further.

The Parish Council is very supportive of, and grateful to, all key workers who have helped to keep us all safe and sound during what has been an extraordinary time in our lives. Throughout the recent lock down the Parish Council has worked with our Medical Centre regarding volunteers etc and we feel that this serves the village better