Somerset’s weekly Covid-19 update – 10 September 2021

Posted on behalf of Somerset County Council: Click here for this week’s Covid-19 update for Somerset.

This week we have seen our case numbers in Somerset remain steady but, with schools returning and the resultant increase in testing, we are expecting case numbers to rise.

We are very keen to get across the message about how vital it is for secondary school/college aged children, households of all ages of school children and staff in schools to participate in asymptomatic lateral flow
testing. This will enable us to identify children and staff who are infectious and therefore help to stop the spread of the virus.

And we would also like to continue the gentle push to everybody towards retaining responsible social behaviour such as limiting close contact with other people outside your household (especially in enclosed spaces), wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces and where you are unable to maintain social distancing, limiting contact with anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable and to not attend any crowded areas or events if you are displaying any symptoms.

For information and resources on staying healthy happy and safe visit:


The meeting will be held at the Church Centre and will start at 7pm. All are welcome. Please wear a mask, use hand sanitiser and observe social distancing.

The agenda is available here: September agenda

Draft minutes:
Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting are here: PC meeting 12 July 2021

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During the public session, members of the public are welcome to address the Council on any matter relating to the agenda or on any other matter that they would like the Parish Council to consider at a future date. It is helpful if you inform the Chairman or the Clerk beforehand of any matter you wish to raise, so that the Clerk can have to hand any necessary information. Further details are available on page 2 of the agenda.

The Council is not required to give a response to a matter raised during the public session but may do so. Alternatively, the Chairman may direct the Clerk to follow the matter up or give a written response at a later date.

Please note that no decisions can be made and no expenditure approved on any item raised during the public session unless the matter has been legally notified on an agenda in advance.

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