Quantocks Wildlife Watch

‘Quantocks Wildlife Watch’The Biggest Ever Quantock Wildlife Survey

Members of the public are being asked to take part in the biggest wildlife survey ever seen in the Quantocks.  Friends of Quantock, in conjunction with the Quantock Hills AONB and the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme are asking the c4,000 people using the Quantocks every day to get involved in the ‘Quantocks Wildlife Watch’; a long-term citizen science project which will help prioritise the future management and wildlife conservation for the Quantocks.

The project uses the iNaturalist application developed by National Geographic and the California Academy of Sciences to capture the varied and diverse range of wildlife found on the Quantocks.  

Simply download the application, register and start exploring.

Logging your sightings is as simple as photographing any living thing you see on or around the Quantocks; plants, animals, insects, fungi, lichen etc and using iNaturalist to identify and share.  iNaturalist automatically geolocates the image and will report it to the Quantock Wildlife Watch project, but if you would like to receive project updates and see what others have found as part of the project you can join the project within the application.  To join the project, simply select projects, search “Quantocks Wildlife Watch” and join.

Click here for more information about the project

Footpaths: Cricketer, Budley and Inwood Farms

As many of you have noticed, warning signs have been put around the farms to tell walkers when they are leaving public footpaths. As reported at the Annual Parish Meeting and elsewhere since, including the Quantock Messenger (July edition), there have been a number of incidents recently where people have strayed off the public footpaths and come close to farm machinery luckily no-one has been hurt so far, but the risk of injury is high. As a result notices have been put up around Budley and Inwood farms to warn you that you are leaving the public footpaths. Beyond these signs you are trespassing and possibly in danger. Farm machinery is noisy and the driver may not be able to see you and definitely won’t hear you. Please make sure you know where children are playing and keep dogs on leads. Finally, there is a gate near Budley farmhouse with a lock: the lock is for the vehicle gate, but there is a built-in pedestrian gate that is open for walkers.

We have now produced a map showing the designated footpaths where you may safely walk. Please click on the image to open in a full-size window, from where you can save it and/or print it. Printed copies are available from the Parish Office.


The meeting will be held at the Church Centre and will start at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

The agenda is available here

Draft minutes: Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting on 13 June are here.
You can find earlier minutes at Previous minutes

Planning applications:
Links to planning applications on the agenda are below (opens the  application in the Sedgemoor Planning website):

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