Climbing frame/gym equipment – consultation ends midday 7 November

UPDATE: The consultation on the proposed climbing frame/fitness equipment intended for the Playing Field has, so far, not received enough support to get the grants we were hoping would fund it. The consultation ends at midday on Monday 7 November and the Parish Council will decide at the Parish Council meeting on 14 November whether to take this forward.

As many of you will be aware, there has recently been a number of incidents involving some of our younger residents which have is in part due to a lack of facilities and activities for them in the village.
In answer to this, the Parish Council is considering installing some outdoor gym equipment to offer something hopefully as exciting, but safer than what they were doing, as per the picture below (click on the picture to see it in full screen). The equipment is based on a design provided by some local children, but modified to meet safety requirements:

We recognise the importance of ensuring provision for all age groups and maximising our assets including our open spaces to allow people to enjoy outdoor exercise for free and although designed by and for younger teenagers, the outdoor gym could also be used by all residents to support and improve the health and wellbeing of everyone. Therefore the equipment will be installed in the playing field where it will be accessible to all.
We would seek to obtain grants and funding to pay for the purchase and installation, there is no intention to spend the precept funds on this project.
We would greatly appreciate your thoughts and comments on this topic.  Emails (, comments on Facebook (rather than “likes”), posting in the Stowey News group or drop a letter in or come and chat with Caro in the Parish office.  A big copy of the plan will also be on display in the office until lunchtime on Monday 7 November.

Your support for this project will determine if we can proceed. A final decision, as to whether there is sufficient support to apply for the necessary grants, will be made at the Parish Council meeting on 14 November.