Hinkley Point B Power Station Decommissioning Consultation

Public Consultation and Drop-in Events – 10 October to 21 November 2022

Hinkley Point B stopped generating electricity in August 2022 after 46 years of service. Over the next few years, EDF will be working closely with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Magnox to develop proposals for decommissioning. Decommissioning will involve dismantling and demolition of plant and buildings on the Hinkley Point B site.

EDF are holding a public consultation from 10 October to 21 November 2022, seeking your views to help inform the decommissioning proposals. These proposals will require the approval Office for Nuclear Regulation before decommissioning can proceed.

Public exhibitions providing information about the decommissioning proposals will be held as follows:

  • Sat 15 October, 9.30-4.30 – Wembdon Village Hall, Homberg Way, TA6 7BY
  • Fri 21 October, 1.30-7.30pm – Cannington Court, Church St, Cannington, TA5 2HA
  • Wed 2 November, 1.30-7.30pm – Stogursey Victory Hall, Stogursey, TA5 1PR

There is a virtual exhibition for those who may not be able to attend one of our events that will be accessible from EDF’s website at www.edfenergy.com/hinkley-point-b

You can provide feedback to the consultation through the following channels:

  • Online using the feedback form on our website www.edfenergy.com/hinkley-point-b
  • Completing a paper feedback form, available at events and document deposit locations or on request using the contact details on this letter
  • Emailing us at HPBDecommissioning@edf-energy.com  

Please ensure that you have provided your feedback by 11:59pm on 21 November 2022


The meeting will be held at the Church Centre and will start at 7pm. Everyone is welcome.

The agenda is available here

Draft minutes: Minutes of the previous Parish Council meeting on 26 September are here.
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Playing Field Climbing Frame: details available here

Consultation – Local Community Networks: The consultation is run by Somerset County Council and is open to all residents – details at https://newsomersetcouncil.org.uk/local-community-networks-consultation/ (please note you need to register to get to the survey)

Consultation – Local Community Networks: The consultation is run by Devon and Somerset Fire Service and is open to all residents – survey at DS Fire Service survey

Planning applications:
Links to planning applications on the agenda are below (opens the  application in the Sedgemoor Planning website):

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